Monday, 11 October 2010

Me me me me me and me


It's only been a couple of hours since my first post, but I didn't want to make the first one some epic novel, so I'm breaking it all down into nice easily digestible chunks. A bit like when Mum cuts up my veggie-burgers for me.

So far, I only have two followers, and both of them are the same person (Hello James!), but the hope would be that I get hundreds of thousands more subscribers over the coming days, weeks, months and years. And for those luckily enough to stumble across or be directed towards this blog, I thought I'd introduce myself. I am pretty much the subject of this entire blog, after all.

So I'm Phill. And it's jolly well nice to meet you all. I'm 28, and I currently work as cabin crew from Gatwick Airport. My ambition is to be a pilot, as you'll see from the very first item on my list when I publish it later. I live in a shared house with 5 other people - 3 cabin crew, a teacher, and an IT bod. We have a ruddy good time here in our lovely little house, and as there's 4 of us that are cabin crew working strange hours, there are hardly ever any queues for the bathroom!

My parents live in West London in the house I was brought up in, and my brother, who is 6 years younger than me, lives down the road from them. We also have Tazzie the cat at home, who clearly had a degree in psychology in a previous life as he seems to know exactly how to get what he wants.

I have A-Levels in Maths, Physics and Photography(!), and a degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. I also have a commercial pilot's licence, so achieving that ambition of becoming a pilot is not as far off as you might have expected (I just need someone to pay me for doing it now!).

I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now, for moral reasons rather than health, although the health benefits do show. I'm also gay, which has played quite a large part in my life over the last few years, certainly with my social life, as a lot of my friends - including my best mate - are gay and I met them through social groups and nights out on the scene. I'm single and have been for about two years, but don't really mind - it's a lot less stressful, it's cheaper, and I can concentrate on looking after me! I have a small but good group of close friends. My social life took a major hit when I moved away from London for the cabin crew job, but living with other crew helps as we're all in a similar situation.

I'm taking part in this project for a number of reasons. First up, I think it looks like a lot of fun. I'm hoping the project will give me the motivation to experience and do some amazing things, both for myself and others. I want to look back on my life when I'm older and see that I've used my time wisely... 'lived life to the full'. I've also realised I'm rapidly getting older... it's been particularly noticeable in the last couple of months. My first grey hairs have arrived (*GASP!*), and I also find that one long night out clubbing is enough to do me in - I need a couple of days rest to recover, which I never used to need. It would have been great to have started this project 10 years ago, but I can't change the past, and there's no time like the present, so now seems like an excellent point at which to get involved in something like 101 in 1001.

I'm a very methodical person - I think it's the Capricorn in me. I've created my own worksheet and checklist to help make things easier onboard at work (one colleague says I'm so organised that I should run the country, and calls me Prime Minister!), I have a daily 'To Do' list written out, my roster for the next two weeks is on my noticeboard so I know exactly what I'm doing, and I keep all receipts and go through bank statements every month, much to the amusement of my housemates. So the whole idea of a list to complete over the course of the 1001 days appeals to me. I get a lot of satisfaction from crossing things off my daily To Do list when they're done, so I think that'll also be the case with this project.

So that's me in a nutshell. I'm sure regular followers will get to know me a lot better over the course of the 1001 days. I'm planning to video blog alongside this written version, although I'm not sure quite how it will work without repeating most of what I've published here.

My next post will be my list (which oddly for a 101 in 1001, is only up to 55 items so far!), so stay tuned for the next instalment.

Laterz, peeps!

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